hail damage repair


Some things are simply unavoidable. Hail damage is unfortunately, more often than not, one of those things. Especially in a place like Colorado when the weather can turn quickly and without warning.

Fortunately, repairing hail damage to your car can be done quickly and easily. With the help of a reputable dent repair shop, your car can be repaired to its pre-storm condition. Ding Magic is a leader in Paintless Dent Repair, and has been providing high-quality automotive hail repair and appearance service for nearly two decades.

Ding Magic, located in Colorado Springs, CO, is family-owned and insurance approved, making the paperwork process of restoring your car after a damaging hailstorm, seem relatively painless.

Our hail damage repair process begins with a free assessment of the hail-damaged vehicle. Your insurance adjustor will work with our estimators to differentiate between pre-existing damage, also know as UPD (unrelated, prior damage) and current hail damage. Keep in mind, often times when your vehicle undergoes the hail damage repair process, our technicians may clean up minor pre-existing damage as well.

If we find that your vehicle has extensive pre-existing damage, we will be more than happy to assist you by writing a separate estimate for this repair. We always help customers through the process of filing a claim. We know this can be daunting for someone who isn’t accustomed to dealing with insurance companies. We work alongside adjusters on a regular basis and are more than happy to take on the responsibility so that you don’t have to worry about it.

If your car suffered other damages and is in need of windshield and mirror repair or plastic bumper repair, we can take care of that as well. These services are often essential in hail damage and PDR repair, and we’ve fixed thousands of windshields and bumpers over the years. We employ only the best glass and bumper technicians, and feel confident that we’ll exceed your standards.

Ding Magic goes above and beyond to provide quality care for all customers, and have a reputation for excellence. If you ever find yourself caught in a storm, or rammed by a shopping cart, rest assured Ding Magic will be able to utilize PDR and our other aesthetic services to restore your vehicle back to top condition.

Don’t delay! Those dents won’t fix themselves! Bring your car into Ding Magic and we’ll have it looking like new in no time!

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